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1. Set-up sheets, proof of liability insurance coverage and a photocopy of the alcohol permit (if applicable) must be provided 14 days prior to event.
2. Kitchens and Rooms must be returned to pre-rental condition.
3. Tables must be covered. The Center can provide table coverings for the following fees: a) thin-white plastic table covering – 8-10 ft. oblong tables – $ 1.50 cents per table; 60″ rounds – $3.55 each.
4. All candle decorations must be approved by the Account Executive.
5. Sitting/walking on tables is prohibited.
6. Electrical/Masking/Scotch tape, nails, or tacks on walls, floors, tables, or chairs is prohibited. Blue non-tack tape is available in the center office at $8.00 per roll.

4-H Center Conference Rooms

4-H Center Conference Rooms

7. Method of marking floor (s) for booth spaces for public events must be approved by Office Manager.
8. Animals are not allowed inside buildings without a prearranged agreement.
9. Soft drink/candy machines will not be moved, turned off, or made to appear out of order.
10. Permanent/seasonal decorations (American/4-H Flags, clocks, Christmas trees, wreaths, etc.) will not be moved.
11. Vehicles will not be allowed inside buildings without a prearranged agreement.
12. Dance wax and micro-dot confetti are prohibited.
13. Customer, guests, D.J., band, caterer, and any other involved party along with the equipment and decorations must vacate buildings by 12:00 am (midnight) to avoid an additional charge of $115.00 per hour.
14. Indoor/outdoor decorations and all belongings for the event must be removed before vacating premises unless a prearranged agreement is made.
15. Early set-up (day before) may be arranged if available for a fee. Please check with Office Manager.
16. The Activities Center/Conference Room/Exposition Hall/Banquet Hall and the Auditorium are smoke-free facilities.
17. There is to be No “loading in” the Activities Bldg. across memorial bricks or through the grass lawn.


1. The 4-H Center assumes no responsibility for customer’s belongings.
2. Tables (10′) w/chairs for outside events are $10.00 per table.

Lakesite Events at 4-H Center

Indoor and Outdoor Concerts

3. Distribution of flyers on vehicle windshields is prohibited.
4. Skateboards are prohibited on property.
5. All livestock must remain in the designated barns or South Grounds.
6. All animals (dogs, etc.) must be on leash at all times.
7. All banners, temporary directional signs, flyers, etc. must be taken down, discarded, removed by customer.
8. Wood, charcoal, and other materials used for grilling must be picked up/disposed of by customer.
9. Prices are subject to change with these policies superseding all past policies.
10. The only campfires allowed are in the camping areas, within the fire rings.

In case of emergency during your event, please call or text (812) 867-6217.